The idea of starting cricketbatsonline was born after years of experience in retailing and wholeselling criket equipment.



The process of selling a cricket bat is completely different compared to selling any other cricket equipment. Why not a separate website that focuses explicitly on this process?

This will provide the buyers a shopping experience that comes with 100% fulfilment and satisfaction without any compromise.



We target at providing you the best and as precise as possible information about each and every single bat that we list on the website. 


You not only get to see high quality pictures of the bat but we weigh and take measurements of the bats.


We have a young team that is specialised on this process so that the new incoming bats are listed within hours and the bats that are sold start their journey to the new owner without any delay.



We focus only on criket bats, however we offer some related accessories and sverces that we consider as very import for making our shop a “one stop shop” for cricket bats.



Last but not least, it is very important to have good and reliable suppliers, we are extreamly lucky to have not only good and reliable suppliers but the best in the industry. DSC, PROTOS & SS-TON just to name a few.